Samtech Consulting Services is a professional services group that delivers a wide range of technical services customized to meet our clients needs. Our strength of experience, our expertise and our superior execution have set an industry standard. We firmly believe and are commited to providing you with an exceptional services team. With deep expertise in Business Continuity, Data Centers, I/T Enterprise Architecture, Security, Cloud Computing, Data Warehousing and Virtualization, we are a highly reliable, cost-effective extension of our clients' IT engineering resources .

I/T Excellence in:
- Storage / Servers
- Virtualization
- Security
- Enterprise Architecture
- Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
- Systems integration
- Performance tuning
- Data center operation and support
- Systems planning / Project Management
- Remote system administration

“New Technology goes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed by those ignorant of its potential

Next, it is subverted by those threatened by its potential

Finally, it is considered self-evident.”
(Source unknown)